HBIO Syllabus : Yellow Belt

  • Training Period
    Minimum 2months from start (Instructor's discretion)
  • Standard
    Students should perform the majority of techniques correctly. Power and accuracy are not essential although there should be evidence that students are learning to develop correct methods for generation of power.
  • Basics
    • Stances Attention; ready; walking stance; back; horse riding (long stance).
    • Strikes In Walking stance; long stance on the spot; single, cross punch hook Punch and double punch, triple punch, single knife hand and elbow and as previous.
    • Kicking Front kick; crescent kick (outside to inside and inside to Outside); face kick, turning and half turning kick, Step through turning kick and side kick, skipping half turning kick.
    • Rolling SeatingFront Roll, Cross Hand Roll, Back Roll
    • Falling Seating Front Fall, Back Fall, Front Fall, and Side Fall.
  • Sparring
    • One-for-one kicking
      Using the four kicks; no contact.
    • Free sparring
      No contact or light contact, at instructor's discretion.
    • Basic Locking Techniques
      Wrist, Cross hand, Arm, Shoulder.