HBIO Syllabus : Red Belt

  • Training Period
    Minimum 6 months from Blue belt (Instructor's discretion).
  • Standard
    Students should show a high degree of competence in all areas. Yudo must be Performed well, with confidence, power and accuracy. (It is not enough for Students at this stage merely to know the moves. They must be thoroughly familiar With the Yudo.) Sparring should suggest that the student is a confident and Competent fighter, Students should show a high degree of power, accuracy, balance and fluidity of Movement. There should be no major errors in the Yudo. Sparring should suggest That the student is a confident, competent and controlled fighter.
  • YUDO
    YUDO 4 (RUJ)
  • Basics
    • Blocks
      Knife hand Side Block , Forearm Side Block , Reverse Knife-hand Side Block , and As previous
    • Strikes
      Fore-fist , Side-fist , Back-fist , Under Fist , Long Fist , Knife-hand , Reverse Knife-hand , and As previous
    • Kicking
      2 Directional Kick, Flying Front Kick , Flying Side Front Kick , Flying Turning Kick , Flying High Kick , Flying Front-Back Kick , Combination of jumps, including double techniques and as previous.
  • Falling
    Break Fall, Arrow Fall and as previous.
  • Rolling
    Advance roll
    High jump : high jump from 5 to 6 fit's
    Long jump : long jump from 8 student (seating )
  • Locking Techniques
    chock neck front and back , rear bear hug (under arms/ over arm), real punching defence ,Grabbing defence.
  • Weapons
    Basic nanachaku techniques , knife.