HBIO Syllabus : Orange Belt

  • Training Period
    Minimum 3 months from Yellow Belt (Instructor's discretion)
  • Standard
    Students should perform techniques correctly with some power and accuracy. There should be few errors in the Yudo, essential although there should be evidence that students are learning to Develop correct methods for generation of power.
  • YUDO
  • Basics
    • Stances
      Attention; ready; walking; back; long; horse riding.
    • Blocks
      Head block; low block; inside to outside chest block; outside. To inside chest block. As previous
    • Strikes
      Moving in long stance, head section, middle section and low Section.
    • Kicking
      Side kick, turning kick, pushing kick, and as previous (single And double technique); front and back leg, 360° half turning kick, 360° crescent kick, hook kick and as previous
  • Sparring
    • One-for-one kicking:
      Using all seven kicks, no contacts, Combination of all previous kicks, touch contact; body protectors to be worn.
    • Free sparring:
      No contact, light ('touch') contact or full contact, at Instructor's discretion.
  • Locking Techniques
    Locks, releases and throws; close-quarter techniques; attacks and counterattacks , painful hold, takedown techniques.
  • Breaking
    16 years and above, elbow and side kick (½–1 inch; plastic or timber) dependent on Size and age. Instructor's discretion.