Mr. Raj Wagadkar

He is one of the highest ranking Hapkido Boxing instructors in the world and founder of Hapkido Boxing International Organization (HBIO).


The calendar for session 2017-2018 is given below for your information and necessary action .

1. 6th Hapkido boxing national championship (Boy’s & Girl’s) to be held in Balewadi from 3rd Jan to 5th Jan 2018.

2. National referee seminar & exam to be held in Balewadi on 3rd Jan 2018.

3. Pro-Hapkido boxing national championship to be held in Balewadi on 4th Jan 2018.

4. 3rd Hapkido boxing international championship to be held in MM hall Katmandu Nepal from 20th Jan to 25th Jan 2018.

5. Pro – Hapkido boxing international championship at Phuket, Thailand from 25th April -29th April 2018.

6. 2nd National summer camp to be held at lonavala , pune on 11th may 15th may 2018.