HBIO Syllabus : Blue Belt

  • Training Period
    Minimum 5 months from Green belt (Instructor's discretion).
  • Standard
    Students should perform techniques correctly with some power and accuracy. There Should be few errors in the Yudo.
  • YUDO
    YUDO 3 (DHANU)
  • Basics
    • Stances
      Attention; ready; walking; back; long; horse riding and as Previous, Cross stance and as previous
    • Blocks Cross low, cross high, twin knife hand middle and low , Twin Forearm Block, Twin Knife-hand, Back Forearm Parallel Block, Pushing Block and as Previous, Reverse 360° techniques of all previous
    • Strikes
      Spear finger thrust, knife hand strike (inside and outside), Palm heel and as previous; combinations of simultaneous Blocking and striking, all previous into multiple combinations and as previous
    • Kicking
      Spot Kicks, Side Turning (On 75 degrees) , Downward, Step-through turning kick and side kick, skipping half, low Sweeping , reverse sweep, low out side snap kick ,low inside snap kick , turning kick, and as previous, 360° hooking kick, 360° back kick, jumping front kick, for Height and distance, jumping turning kick and as previous
    • Rolling standing
      Advance Roll, Standing Cross Roll
  • Falling Standing / Middle
    Advance falling
    High jump : high jump from 4 ft's
    Long jump : long jump from five student (seating)
  • Sparring
    • One-for-one kicking
      Combination of all previous kicks; no contact, Jumping kicks and as previous
    • Free sparring
      No contact, light ('touch') contact or full contact, at Instructor's discretion, As previous.
  • Breaking
    16 years and above, elbow, sidekick, front kick and palm heel (½–1 inch; plastic or Timber) dependent on size and age, jumping front kick, jumping turning kick and as previous.
  • Locking Techniques
    Punch defence , kick defence , knife techniques (wooden knife).