Competition Rules : Article 6 to 10 - Group A

Article 6
The promoters of all International HBIO events must be the President of the host country or any other but under the responsibility of the President. The President of the host country may if he wishes have a partner, but this in no way relieves him of the overall responsibility of the Tournament. The Promoter shall communicate directly with the HBIO World technical director & council on all matters concerning the event. The Promoter shall send a written report to the HBIO World technical director & council every sixty- (60) days concerning the promotion of the event.

Article 7
A suitable reward to team must be furnished for the following categories:
Team Trophies to the Representative or country for Full Contact, Light Contact, Semi Contact, demo, yudo. These awards shall be decided in the following manner;
1st place = 3pts, 2nd placed = 2pts, 3rd place = 1 pt.

Medal for contestant:
1st, 2nd and two (2) 3rd places for all Competition Divisions.

Article 8
The promoter shall select a hall, office or Hotel which will serve as the Tournament Headquarters.

Article 9
Team Representatives, Coaches

  1. A Representative (head) of a certain team comes in between the Officiating Board and competitors. In case the team has no special representative its coach shall fulfill his duties.
  2. The representative is responsible for the discipline of his team competitors and ensures their presence at the competitions in time.
  3. The representative shall participate in the drawing of lots, meetings of the Officiating Board if it is held jointly with them.
  4. A representative has the right to submit to the Chief official a verbal and written protest grounded by the reference to the article and paragraph of the Rules.
  5. Representatives, coaches are forbidden to interfere in the directions of officials and persons conducting competitions.
  6. In the course of competitions a representative shall stay at a special place intended for representatives.
  7. A representative (coach) cannot act as an official at the given competitions.
  8. For non-compliance with the duties a representative can be discharged from the leadership of the team.
  9. In the course of the bout the coach (in a sports uniform) has to second the bout staying at a special place set for that near the mat / Ring, not leaving it during the bout and not interfering in the work of the officials.

Article 10
Officials in General
All officials on championships and cups are HBIO officials. They are not officials of their own countries or federations. They must be completely neutral. At all times during championships they represent HBIO. They show an unbiased, positive and honest attitude and fair play to everyone.