CoCoCompetition Rules : Article 57 to 60 - Group D

Article 57
Type of Fight & Definition

Competition in Light Contact player should be executed as its name implies, with well- controlled techniques. In light contact competitors fight continuously until central referee command STOP. They use techniques from full contact, but these techniques must be well controlled when they land on legal targets and(straight punch on face and throws are not allowed). Scoring system is almost the same as semi- contact. Light contact has been created as an intermediate stage between semi and full contact player.

Semi-contact is a fighting discipline where two fighters fight with the goal of scoring more points using legal Technique and speed. In this discipline efficiency is not important. The main characteristics of semi-contact are technique and speed. The competition in semi-contact should be executed in its true sense with light and well-controlled contact. Equal emphasis must be placed on lacking techniques, submission, punching, kicking techniques. It is a technical discipline with equal emphasis put on hand and foot techniques, from an athletic viewpoint. Techniques are strictly controlled. At each valid point (point that is given, with legal part of hand or foot to legal targets and with legal technique).

Full contact is a discipline of player where the intention of a fighter is to beat his opponent with full power and strength. Punches and kicks must be delivered to legal targets with focus, speed and determination, creating solid contact. Advance techniques, submission, Punches and kicks are allowed.

Article 58
For demo and other techniques with weapon: nunchaku, sword, chain, long stick, double sword, broadsword, knife , short stick , double nanchaku, rope , Gun…etc.

Article 59
Safety Equipment
The HBIO Board, together with the Technical Committee must approve all safety equipment. Producers of safety equipment must get their products approved by HBIO. Safeties to be used in World and Continental Championships must be approved at least 3 months before the tournaments and all members must be duly informed.
All uniforms and safety equipment must be clean, correct and in good and safe condition. Special care must be taken for weapons which must not be sharp or with unprotected points.

Head protection:
Head protection is mandatory in all Hapkido boxing fights in all disciplines except in musical forms. Head protection must be made from foam rubber or soft plastics or from compact sponge covered by leather. In fights, head protection which covers the face and head protection which reduces the field of vision is not allowed.
Head protection must cover the top of forehead, top of head, temples, the upper part of jawbone, ears and back of head. Head protection must not obstruct the athletes hearing. Parts for fixing the head protection cannot be metal or plastic buckle. Velcro for adjusting is allowed under chin and on back of head. In the case of Younger Cadets face protection is Mandatory at all continental and World Championships.

Two types of protective gloves are used at Hapkido boxing competitions: gloves for semi-contact and gloves for ring disciplines (light contact, full contact, ). In every fighting discipline, gloves are mandatory. Gloves cover half part of palm, fingers must be.

Hand wraps (Bandage)
Hand wraps are used for wrapping the fist to avoid injuries. Using hand wraps are optional in Light Contact and semi – light contact and full contact. Hand wraps are 250 cm long and 5 cm wide cotton strips without sharp edges. Hand wraps will be fastened on the upper part of fighter's wrists with self-adhesive cotton-base strips; maximum length 15 cm and width 2 cm.

Tooth protection (Mouth-guard)
Mouth-guards must be made from soft and pliable rubber-plastic material. Protection on only the upper teeth or on both upper and lower teeth is allowed. Mouth-guard must enable free breathing and must be adapted to the competitor's mouth configuration. It is not allowed to use a mouth-guard over tooth correction apparatus (braces, retainers). Using tooth protection is mandatory for all fighting disciplines, in all age categories. In the case of orthodontics, a fighter may fight with mouth protection if he is has a valid letter from his doctor permitting this.

Breast protection
Breast protection is mandatory for all female competitors in older cadets, junior and senior categories and is mandatory in all fighting disciplines (semi, light, full contact, ). Breast protection is made from hard plastic and can be covered with cotton material. Breast protection can be made in one piece and cover all the chest or in two pieces for insertion into bra to cover each breast individually. It is worn under the T-shirt or under the top (bodice).

Groin protection
Groin protector is mandatory for all male competitors. Groin protector is made of hard plastic material and fully covers genital organs to protect this part of competitor's body from any injury. The groin protector can be made as a cup for covering genitals, or for covering the entire abdomen. Competitors must wear the groin protection under their pants. Groin protection for women is recommended.

Shin guard
Shin guards are made from hard foam-rubber material. A shin guard must cover the shinbone from under the knee to the top of the feet. Shin guards can be fastened to the leg by a minimum of two self-adhesive elastic strips. No other kind of plastic tape is allowed for fixing the guard to the shin. Shin guards with metal, wooden or hard plastic elements are not allowed. Elbow Pads
Elbow guards are made from soft foam-rubber material. An elbow guard must partly cover the forearm and upper arm with a protective non abrasive material. Elbow pads are optional in all Semi and Light Contact disciplines.

Article 60
Competition mandatory
Head protection, mouth-guard, breast protection (for female competitors), Hapkido boxing gloves, hand wraps, groin protection, shin guards and foot protection.
Male competitors wear long pants (bare torso) and female competitors wear a bodice (upper, top) and long pants.

Professional bouts
Mouth-guard, breast protection (for female competitors), Hapkido Boxing gloves, hand wraps, groin protection, shin guards, and foot protection.