CoCoCompetition Rules : Article 53 to 56 - Group C

Article 53
Competitor's Duties and Rights

  1. A competitor is obliged
    1. to observe strictly the Rules, Program and competition Regulations;
    2. to obey officials' demands;
    3. to come forward to the mat / Ring/ Ring immediately when called by the Board of Officials;
    4. to inform immediately the Board of Officials in case it is impossible because of any reason to continue the competition;
    5. The Fighter must present himself to the side Judge nearest his corner to have his safety equipment inspected.
    6. After the Referee has inspected the Fighter, he will wait to enter the ring until told to do so by the Referee.
    7. Fighters may have one Coach and one Second in their corner during the match. Both must remain in the Coaches Box throughout the match. No coaches will be allowed to enter the fighting area while a match is in progress.
    8. to shake hands with the opponent before and after the bout;
    9. to be correct in relation to all competitors, officials, people who conduct and serve the competitions and spectators;
    10. To compete shaved or with a short beard of several months growth, nails closely cut, wearing a neat sports dress licensed by HBIO.
  2. A participant has the right
    1. to appeal to officials through the representative of his/her team; in the course of individual competitions (in case the representative is absent) to address the Chief official directly;
    2. 1 hour prior to the start of the weigh-in check the body weight on the official scales;
    3. in proper time to get the necessary information of the course of the competitions: the Program, changes in the Program if any, pairing for the next round, the results of the bouts, etc.;
    4. to use 2 minutes in the course of the bout to get medical aid.

Article 54
  1. Competitor's Full Contact dress consists of: the upper/ top Hapkido Boxing and shorts. Besides, the male participants may wear a protective athletic supporter or non-metallic groin-guards and females – the bra and high-necked swimsuit.
  2. Competitor's semi & light Contact dress consists of: the upper/ top Hapkido Boxing and white plain pant (no color ) . Besides, the male participants may wear a protective athletic supporter or non-metallic groin-guards and females – the bra and high-necked swimsuit.
  3. The Hapkido Boxing upper/top shall be of white and short red or blue color of special cut and the belt made of some cotton .
  4. The sleeve shall cover the arm up to the hand, the width of the sleeve shall make the clear space not less than 10 cm in between the arm and the sleeve along its length. On the line of the waist.
  5. The belt shall be put through these holes twice and tightly embrace the body and tied in front by the knot, fastening together its both ends.
  6. The ends of the tied belt shall not exceed 15 cm. The laps of the upper/top shall be 20-25 cm lower than the waist line.
  7. At all the official competitions only uppers/top with HBIO emblem are allowed to use.
  8. Ankles and feet at the big toe joint shall be protected by small felt pads covered with leather.
  9. Hapkido Boxing shorts shall be made of cotton , half cotton or synthetic jersey of red or blue color.
  10. Their upper part shall reach the waist line and the lowest one shall cover one third of a hip.
    1. Competitors shall appear for the Opening and Awarding ceremonies wearing the sports uniform of their team.
    2. It is forbidden to wear during the bout Rings, bracelets, ear Rings, chains and other objects that might cause injury to the opponent.

Article 55
It is desirable that all HBIO affiliated Associations ensure that their rules agree with those of HBIO, as far as possible, in order to ensure the uniformity of Player regulations around the world.

Article 56
Use of Drugs
  1. Any drug or chemical substance ingested by a player, which is not included in the player's normal diet, is forbidden. Any player or official violating this code may be disqualified or suspended by the HBIO.
  2. Any player refusing to submit to a medical examination test after a fight, in order to verify that he has not broken this rule, may be disqualified or suspended.
  3. The same will occur in the case of an official encouraging such a refusal. The use of local anesthetics is allowed, if agreed upon by a doctor from the Medical Committee.