CoCoCompetition Rules : Article 48 to 52 - Group C

Article 48
Admission to the Competitions

  1. The conditions of the contestants' admission to the competition, their sports membership, qualification and age, as well as the list of documents to be submitted to the Mandate Commission, shall be stipulated by the competition Regulations. Participants of International Competitions included into the Calendar of the Hapkido Boxing international Organization ( HBIO) must possess the International competitor's license.
  2. Entry lists from an organization for its members' participation shall be made in the prescribed form with the compulsory, certified by stamps, signatures of the head of the organization, the coach and the doctor verifying the competitors' corresponding readiness. The date to submit preliminary entries is stated by the competition Regulations. The final entry to participate in competitions shall be submitted to the Mandate Commission by the team representative not later than 2 hours before the weigh-in starts.
  3. Admission of competitors is accomplished by the Mandate Commission including a representative of the organization conducting the competitions, Chief official or his deputy, Chief Secretary, Chief Doctor and members of the commission who check entries and competitors' documents and their correspondence to the Regulation requirements. The representative of the host organization is responsible for competitors' admission in questionable situations.
  4. Competitors' admission is accomplished in accordance with the given Regulations but it is permitted to admit to a certain age group the players who were born a year earlier.
  5. Athletes who are of 17 years of age have the right to compete in senior groups.

Article 49
Age groups
All the contestants shall be divided into the following age groups:
Sub-junior10 – 14 years olds10 – 14 years olds
Juniors 15 – 18 years old 15 – 18 years old
Seniors19 and older19 years older

Article 50
Age Limit of Players
Players younger than 14 and older than 45 will not be allowed to take part in Junior /Senior World or Continental Championships, For the women allowable ages are from 14 to 40 in Junior /Senior International competitions.

Article 51
Weight Categories
Participants of competitions are distributed into the following weight categories:
Weight Categories semi & light contact


In the junior and senior groups (men and women) the competitions for the Absolute Champion may be held without competitors' distribution into weight categories. Minimum weight in such competitions shall be stated in the Regulations.

Article 52
  1. The object of the weigh-in is to state the correspondence of competitors' weight to the limits of one of the weight categories. A competitor has the right to compete at the given competition only in the weight category stated for him at the weigh-in.
  2. The order and time of the weigh-in shall be stated in the Regulations. A competitor who is late to the weigh-in or misses it is not admitted to the competitions. During 1 hour before the start of the weigh-in contestants are allowed to get on the scales used for the official weigh-in as many times as they wish. The weigh-in shall be held one time on the first day of competitions or a day before and shall last 1 hour. If the weigh-in is held on the day of the competitions it shall begin not less than 2 hours before the beginning of the competitions. It is allowed to use several scales but competitors of a certain weight category shall be weighed on the same scales.
  3. The weigh-in shall be held by officials' team appointed by the Chief official including a Chief official deputy (Ring chairmen), a representative of the competition secretariat, a doctor and two or three officials.
  4. Before the weigh-in all the competitors shall undergo appearance medical control held by the competition doctor. Competitors shall be weighed in a special room or behind the screen, half-naked: men wearing athletic supporters, women-low-necked swimsuits.
  5. At the weigh-in a competitor shall submit the document with a photo certifying his or her identity, competitor's license, medical control card and the filled in form.
  6. Results of the weigh-in are entered in the score sheet that shall be signed by all the members of the officials' team.
  7. The HBIO authorized delegates will perform the weigh-in. HBIO representatives of any National Association may be present, but are not allowed to intervene on any occasion.
  8. Each fighter will be officially weighed only once. The weight registered on that occasion is final. It is allowed, nevertheless, for the representative of a country whose fighter has not reached the right weight during the official weigh-in, to put him into another, suitable weight category, provided that the country in question has got a vacancy in that category and the weigh-in has not yet closed. It is also allowed for all countries to substitute one player with another, before the end of the first weigh-in and the medical check-up, on condition that, within each competition where substitutes are allowed, the player in question has been registered as a reserve for that, or in any other weight category.
    1. Seniors: From the day he/she fill 18 until the day he/she fill 45
    2. Juniors: From the day he/she fill 16 until the day he/she fill 17.
    3. That means that the year he/she are 18, they can decide to be either junior or senior.
    However if the fighter has competed as senior at the age of 18 he/she cannot go back to junior again.