Competition Rules : Article 21 to 25 - Group B

Article 21
Representative HBIO:
A HBIO representative must be present in all HBIO World and continental championships and/or World, continental and regional cups. The representative at a tournament can be the HBIO President & technical director or a member of the HBIO Executive Board. He is responsible for seeing that all championships or cups are under HBIO rules and that all results will be HBIO official results. For each championship or cup the HBIO Board or HBIO President will nominate a HBIO Representative.

Article 22
The Official Attached to Contestants:
The official attached to the contestants is obliged to:

  1. Before the start of the competitions check the presence of participants on the given day of the competitions and the correspondence of their dress to the requirements of the present Rules.
  2. To acquaint the contestants with the Program and the schedule of the competitions' course;
  3. To inform the players of the order of their coming forward to the mat / Ring;
  4. To inform the Chief referee or the mat / Ring chairman if a contestant fails to step up to the mat / Ring or is eliminated from the competitions.

Article 23
The Doctor of the Competitions:
  1. The doctor of the competitions shall be a member of the Officials' Board as the Chief official's deputy in the medical service and take part in its work.
  2. The doctor of the competitions shall:
    1. be a member of the commission that accepts the venue of the competitions:
    2. check the entries and doctor's visa concerning the contestants' admission to the competitions;
    3. be present at the weigh-in and carry out the medical control (external examination and the like) of the contestants;
    4. check the observance of medical-hygienic requirements at the competitions venue;
    5. carry out medical examination and observation of the participants in the course of the competitions;
    6. provide the fighters with the medical service directly on the mat / Ring, make the decision whether or not a contestant is in the condition to continue the contest, inform the Chief official immediately and submit the corresponding information for the Secretariat;
    7. after the end of the competitions submit the report of the medical provision of the competitions stating the cases of injuries and diseases if any
    8. Doctor must be ready for immediate intervention on referee call. Before referee call he cannot enter on mat or ring. Medical team must have enough equipment and enough number of doctors and technicians for safe and quick intervention at all fighting's areas. Doctor must have experience in treating player specific injures. Promoter is responsible to provide adequate medical team, with ambulance car.

Article 24
The International Referee Seminar:
In preparation of World Championships, international championship and Cups the Committee organize seminars so to make sure that the judging and behavior of referees are at their best.
When sending out letters of invitation to championships, HBIO will write an extra note concerning referees and judges including all demands for their preparations.
The organizing of the seminars is done as follows:
  • All referees and judges must receive a copy of the updated rules which will be used during the seminar.
  • By tests, make sure that all judges and referees talk a minimum of English. By the English also rate the referees and judges into categories (both in language and experience)
  • The seminars will deal with each player style and the rules to be used during the tournaments.
  • Make sure that all referees and judges wear the same uniforms which are important for the HBIO image.

The main content of the seminars are:
Semi contact:
Focus on the fighting rules, illegal targets and actions, scoring, gestures (how to call points, no score, could not see etc)
Light/Full contact:
Central referee role, judge's role, criteria of scoring, How to fill up the scorecards, targets, defining hits and kicks, remarks and importance of judge in close fights, protests, procedures of the referees.
Details of content of the seminars are written down by the member of the Referee Committee.

Article 25
Chief Referee Committees
The Committee has four (4) members representing all the disciplines. The leader takes the initiative to organize the work inside the Committee or on behalf of the Tournament Committee. It is of importance that the members of the group speak English.
The Committee meets in front of World Cups and World Championships. If necessary, they Initiative other meetings, but are requested to meet during events/tournaments. Otherwise they communicate by mail and by telephone. All changing of rules are to be recommended of the Committee to the Executive Committee.
In HBIO we have created two Referee Committees:
  1. Mat sports
  2. Ring sports.
The Chairman of each Committee is responsible to name chief referees for Mats or rings and with chief referees deploy referees and judges for Mats and rings. With each chief referee he checks Mats, rings, official table equipment, referee and judge uniforms and he will permit the start of competition. He will divide draw papers to the official tables and collect them after finished matches. He is the supervisor of the weigh-in. He will be the supreme referee in protests. His decision about protests will be binding.
The responsibility of the referee Committee are to make sure that all rules are followed, make sure of upgrading the rules/nominating changes in the rules to the Executive Committee and make sure of quality of referees and judges during the World Cups and World Championships. They are also responsible to organize referees and judges on all fighting areas in a tournament. They are responsible that all referees and judges are dressed in the same code.
They must also rate the referees after the tournament.
Note :
Changing of rules cannot be done for the championships or tournament they are participating in, but the changes has to be nominated to the Executive Committee who are responsible of voting and informing the HBIO members for the next championship/tournament for the next season.