Competition Rules : Article 11 to 15 - Group B

Article 11
Equipment for Competitions
Promoters of competition (championships or cups) must provide necessary equipment for normal proceeding of tournament
  • Electronic digital or mechanical scales (minimum two).
  • Amplifier with sufficient number of microphones.
  • Flags and CD with national anthems of each competing national team.
  • Equipment for cleaning and drying floor.
  • Copying machine.
  • Timers for all official tables.
  • Small pads for each Mat (for giving sign that time of round has expired) or gongs for each ring.
  • Every fighting area must be marked by a number.
  • For each Mat a pointer with two big black numbers (from 0 to 30) to display results and 4 small red numbers from 0 to 3 (2 at each side of big numbers) to display warnings or exits.
  • An adequate display of current fight number an adequate time display.

Article 12
Composition of the Officiating Board
  1. The composition of the Officials Board is recommended by the corresponding Hapkido Boxing International Organization.
  2. The officials shall consist of Chief Officiating Board-
    1. Chief competition director/chief official.
    2. Deputies competition director,
    3. Mat chairmen
    4. Ring chairman
    5. Chief secretary for competition
    6. Chief secretary for technical
    7. Chief Jury
    8. Observer from HBIO
    9. Referees
    10. Judges
    11. Timekeepers
    12. Announcers
    13. Doctors
    14. Officials attached to competitors
    15. Serving personnel – commentators, doctors, superintendent and others.
  3. The officiating team for each bout (total 13 member) shall consist of
    1. 1 mat / Ring chairman
    2. 1 referee
    3. 4 judge
    4. 1 Jury
    5. 1 timekeeper
    6. 1 technical secretary
    7. 1 observer from HBIO
    8. 1 Doctor
    9. 1 announcers
    10. 1 informant
  4. The neutral officials 'trio shall evaluate competitors' actions in the course of the bout the mat / Ring chairman, the referee and the judge representing three different teams. Each of them evaluates the competitors' actions independently and while consider Ring protests and questionable moments shall ground his actions by corresponding Regulations of the Rules.
  5. An official shall have the official's uniform (costume), the official's card (certificate), the license, Rules of the competitions and the whistle.
  6. The official's uniform (costume) socks and sports shoes approved by HBIO. On the left side of the chest there shall be the official's emblem of the corresponding category.

Article 13
The Chief competition director/ chief official
  1. The Chief competition directs the competitions and is responsible for their conduct in accordance with the present Rules and Regulations to the organization arranging the competitions and the corresponding Hapkido Boxing organization.
  2. The Chief competition director is obliged:
    1. to check the readiness of the venue for the competitions, the equipment and inventory outfit, their correspondence to the requirements of the present Rules, draw up a Statement of the venue acceptance and also to be convinced that all the necessary documents are available;
    2. To appoint officials for the weigh-in;
    3. To hold the drawing of lots;
    4. To approve the schedule of the competitions;
    5. To distribute officials to the teams for separate mat / Rings;
    6. To hold the meetings of the officials and team representatives before the start of the competitions (to announce the Rules and the officials' order of work) and every day after their end (to discuss the course of the competitions and results of the day) and also when it is necessary during the competitions;
    7. To take all the measures to avoid or correct when necessary mistakes made by officials;
    8. In proper time to make decisions on applications and protests submitted by team representatives (coaches, captains)
    9. To approve pairing off for the finals and appoint officiating teams to conduct them;
    10. To evaluate the work of every member of the officials (taking in account his/her direct chief opinion) according to 5 point system;
    11. Within 3 days to submit the report to the organization conducting the competitions.
  3. The Chief competition director has the right:
    1. To cancel competitions in case the venue or inventory outfit do not correspond to the Rules before their beginning;
    2. To interrupt the bout, to make a break or to stop the competitions in case of unfavorable conditions preventing normal conduction of competitions;
    3. To make changes in the Program and schedule of the competitions in case of the utmost necessity;
    4. To change the officials functions in the course of the competitions;
    5. To withdraw officials for gross errors or those who fail to fulfill their duties, marking it in the report and informing the Board of Officials of the corresponding Organization;
    6. to declare a warning (or withdraw from carrying out their duties) to representatives, coaches and captains for rude behavior or arguments with the officials and those submitting groundless protests,
    7. To delay the declaring of the technical action evaluation or the result of the bout if officials' opinions differ and in case he disagrees with their opinion, for additional discussion and final decision;
    8. To declare the final decision on evaluation of the technical action or the result of the bout in a questionable situation if one of the three officials supports his decision;
    9. To change the sequence of bouts in the finals if it becomes necessary.
    10. The Chief competition director has no right to change the competition Regulations and withdraw or change officials in the course of the bout.
    11. It is obligatory for contestants, officials, team representatives and coaches to fulfill the Chief official's directions.
    12. On the instructions of the HBIO his functions at the competitions can be accomplished by his deputy or one of the mat / Ring chairmen.

Article 14
Chief Secretary
  1. The Chief s Secretary directs the work of competition secretariat.
  2. The Chief Secretary shall:
    1. To be a part of Mandate Commission and officials' team at the weigh-in;
    2. To take part in the drawing of lots;
    3. To make up the Regulations and the schedule of the course of competitions;
    4. To keep the score sheets of the competitions;
    5. To make up the order of bouts in rounds;
    6. To put the directions and decisions of the Chief official in order;
    7. To submit to the Chief official's consideration the results of the competitions for approval and the necessary information for the account total;
    8. To give information for representatives, commentators and correspondents if the Chief official approves;
    Duty secretary: To assist the Chief Secretary a deputy-one of the secretaries- is appointed.

Article 15
The Mat / Ring Chairman
  1. The mat / Ring chairman shall be seated at the table while officiating at the bout and direct the work of the officiating team.
  2. The mat / Ring chairman shall:
    1. To compose the officiating teams for the bout with the Chief official's permission;
    2. To call and introduce the participants of the bout and also announce its result (in case the commentator is absent);
    3. To evaluate the contestants' actions and situations with the proper gestures and taking into account the opinion of the majority of votes declare the final decision;
    4. When necessary or in case of a considerable disagreement of opinions among the three officials interrupt the bout and make the final decision after the additional discussion of the questionable situation;
    5. After declaring the player the second warning invites the Chief Official to the mat / Ring to discuss if the third warning should be declared.