Competition Rules : Article 1 to 5 - Group A

Article 1
"If you're trying to beat out someone else, it's a competition and the other contestants are called the competition too". If you do something impressive in order to win, people will say competition brings out the best in you. If you try to injure your opponent, they'll say it brings out the worst. If you are trying to win or attempting to prove you're the best, you're in a competition. The word also describes your opponent in sports.

Article 2
Type of competition:

  1. Official championship
    • National championship
    • Continental championship
    • Regional championship
    • World championship
  2. Open championship
  1. Official Championships
    The official championships are National championship, continental Championships, or regional Championships (Asian, European, Oceania, Pan Americans, African Championships) are promoted every year. The championships can be organized including all disciplines in agreement with promoter.
    The venue for a championship :
    • shall be a suitable auditorium seating of minimum 2000 spectators
    • must have good space for all fighting areas and between all fighting areas.
    • must have a warming up section to take care of the numbers of participants attending.
    • must have areas for referees, organizers and HBIO officers.
    • must have relaxing rooms and dressing rooms for the numbers of participants attending.
    • headquarter and administration rooms, faxes and copy machines.

    HBIO sanctioning fees of Championships and Cups differ and they are dealt directly by HBIO President in accordance with Executive Committee.
  2. World Championship
    A HBIO World Cup is promoted alternatively every second year. Such when it is promoted with normal Championship routines as:
    • Tournament for at least 3 days.
    • Arrival and Weigh-in day before start of fights.
    • Ring sports 2x2 minutes & 1x2 minutes.
    • Only HBIO rules shall be used.
    • Official HBIO referees and judges only.
    • World Cup only open for HBIO members and their clubs/teams.

Note :
HBIO are going to work out a ranking system based on points due to results either for competitors or for clubs/teams including prize system.
HBIO Open tournament:
This tournament can be open to all clubs of different international organizations. When using HBIO name though, it shall be promoted under HBIO rules only.

Article 3
  • Selection processors for individual
    Selection Priority for individual spots will be given to the gold / SILVER / braze medal winners at National Championships for all international championship.
    Should any individual spots remain, priority will be given to the next highest ranking eligible Athlete per placing at the National Championships.
  • Selection Process for Pair and Team Divisions.
    Pair and Team divisions will be determined by assessments conducted by HBIO Who competed at the National Championships and all registrants will be provided With the assessment criteria at the start of the training camp.

Article 4
Fair play:
Properly conducted conditions for a game, giving all participants an equal chance. Also used more widely to mean fairness and justice in contexts other than games. To play fairly certain skills have to be present. These include attentiveness, honesty, self-confidence, consideration, being a good loser and empathy the task is to develop and promote these skills in a targeted way another aim of teaching fair play should be to reach a situation in which fewer referees are needed rather than more. The aim should be to transplant the referee into each and every one of us. This is expressed in the following quote "every one is preoccupied with making sure that he is not cheated by his neighbor. But eventually the day comes when he begins to make sure that he doesn't cheat on his neighbor".

Article 5
Systems and Methods to Conduct Competitions:
  1. By its character the competitions are divided into:
    1. Individual
    2. Team
  2. The character of the competitions is defined by the Competition Regulations set for a certain contest.
  3. In individual contests only individual results and the places of participants in their weight categories shall by defined.
  1. At the competitions the contestants compete in one group (system with no subgroups) or by means of a draw they are divided into several groups (system with subdivision into subgroups). In the last case the principle according to which the best contestants proceed to the next stage of competitions and the worst ones are eliminated should by explained additionally. In this case the competitions shall be divided into preliminary, semi final and finals with contestants' elimination after the number of defeats set by the Regulations.
  2. The order of bouts among contestants (teams) shall be defined by the drawing of lots (a draw) and chosen system and method to conduct the competitions.
  3. The system and the method to conduct preliminary, semi final and final parts of the competitions shall be stated by the Regulations.
  4. Systems with different variations of combination methods to conduct the preliminary part and the finals are described, as well as the methods of conducting team competitions by the results of which the placing in team competitions.