Mr. Raj Wagadkarh1>

He is one of the highest ranking Hapkido Boxing instructors in the world and founder of Hapkido Boxing International Organization (HBIO).


Mr. Raj Wagadkar was born in Wagad (MAH, INDIA). He is one of the highest ranking Hapkido Boxing instructors in the world and founder of Hapkido Boxing International Organization (HBIO). He began his martial art training with Boxing in 1993 under the direction of His brother until 1996 when he moved to Nanded in order to develop martial art skill and education. He began his Gung – fu training under Mr. Suresh Kurrelu Pochanna and Master Sushil Kumar Chavan . When he moved to Mumbai in order to learn Hapkido under Master Ajit V. Todankar (Jumbo). He trained in the ancient methods of the Korean & Indian martial arts, he concluded that the fight had lasted too long and that he had failed to live up to his potential using his Hapkido techniques. He took the view that traditional martial arts techniques were too rigid and formalistic to be practical in scenarios of chaotic street fighting .He decided to develop a system with an emphasis on "practicality, flexibility, speed, soft skill and efficiency". He started to use different methods of training such as stretching for flexibility, meditation ,Indian Yoga ,judo techniques , Thai boxing , wrestling and many others which he constantly adapted, including basic boxing techniques. One of the most significant changes in the art which was the work of Raj Wagadkar. He Travelled many country to Learn and develop martial art skill . He travelled Thailand lived and trained with Thai Boxing , implementing the Boxing punches & locking methods which he learned both, they finalized the kicking , punching, throwing ,submission and locking techniques curriculum for hapkido Boxing ,significantly expanding it to include kicks to higher targets, thai boxing , western boxing style , jumping kicks, none of which were originally part of the system taught by Mr Todankar ( Jumbo) In addition to this Raj wagadkar original shared space with people who trained in other arts, including Western boxing , kick boxing , thai boxing and taekwondo , tang soo do , judo, aikido and his senior students developed tactics for dealing with techniques of boxing, implemented them into the curriculum Wagadkar combined elements of Hapkido and Boxing to develop a martial art that he called Hapkido Boxing which means " way of co-ordination harmony and power with energy". The name hapkido boxing was coined by Mr. Raj Wagadkar; who use their skills and achievements for the development of HAPKIDO BOXING both as a sport and as a true Martial Art In 2008 Master Raj Wagadkar combined all of his martial arts knowledge together and open a school of self-defence in the pune and began to teach Hapkido Boxing . Many people consider Raj Wagadkar to be the founder of hapkido Boxing . It is commonly believed that it was Raj wagadkar who first started using the name hapkido Boxing for the techniques he was teaching at that time. In 2011 Raj Wagadkar was who first used the term to refer to the art as well as the symbol of the (HBIO) boxing Ring and two boxing player to represent the art. Regardless, much the curriculum and techniques that we associate with hapkido Boxing today is heavily marked by changes that were implemented by Raj Wagadkar and his senior students. HBIO Hapkido Boxing organizations credit wagadkar with starting the spread of Hapkido Boxing internationally by stationing Indian instructors around the world, He is also the author of the first Hapkido Boxing syllabus & Rules book.