Guidance on Syllabus techniques
The syllabus is designed to ensure that the students will acquire the theoretical knowledge and the skills to function as a Martial art. The syllabus detailed below indicates clearly as possible the expectation of scope and level of knowledge required for the examination of each techniques. However, since it is difficult to indicate precisely what is expected of each techniques, students are encouraged to interpret the terms used in the syllabus broadly to prepare for the examination. Level of skill and knowledge required in each techniques of the syllabus is indicated as described below.

Examination Structure
DAN Examinations are held twice a year in May and September. In the professional II stage emphasis will be placed on the strategic importance of the theoretical knowledge gained so far and will be finally supplemented by a real fighting demo of three hours duration. Advance information on demo fight will be given to the candidates one month in advance and the impact information.
There is 1 papers and one demo for the complete examination.

This is the most basic level of learning and requires the recognition and recall of basic facts. These are the areas outside the scope of martial art techniques and the student's knowledge should be at a level that enables them to communicate and work with the other members of the management team.

In addition to knowledge the student must demonstrate that he or she can understand the techniques. Here the student is expected to be able to advise and direct others at a level appropriate to a techniques management.

Using knowledge and comprehension the student should demonstrate the ability to select the appropriate standards, principles and techniques and solve or apply to a given situation. The student may be required to select certain information from a range of data, of which some may be irrelevant. The student must demonstrate the ability to exercise professional judgment as a management and a member of the management team. A study weighting is given for each section of the syllabus. This is intended to guide students as to how much time has to be spent studying the particular techniques.