Affiliation and Rules

General Affiliation Rules

  1. The Application for Affiliation shall be submitted by ASSOCIATION /ORGANIZATION/FEDERATION . No change in ownership of the Association/federation/organization body will be permissible after affiliation without prior approval of the HBIO .
  2. The applicant shall deposit security and visitation fee prior to the visit of the Institute/Organization as prescribed for each category of the Organization . This security can be used for the purpose of recovering any balance/penalty out-standing towards Organization payable to the HBIO .
  3. The Organization shall be located in a spacious, separate and independent building housed on area. The premises should not be shared by any other institution, discipline or person. A No Objection Certificate from the governing bodies regarding suitability of the proposed location for establishment of the Organization be provided.
  4. No change in the premises will be made without prior permission from the HBIO o. The new site will be visited by the Affiliation Committee for approval.
  5. Where a Organization is proposed to be located in a rented Premises the , Management shall ensure that the Organization will acquire it own building within a period of five years preferably in a non-residential area.
  6. An Affiliated Organization can be allowed to function in more than one building provided that administrative and academic control is centralized and the buildings are within a reasonable and convenient distance of each other. The Committee shall be the sole judge in this matter.
  7. The Organization shall have an Auditorium, Offices and Classrooms of reasonable sizes. A Ladies Room with attached Toilet and Staff Room for the whole-time/part-time staff is also a mandatory requirement.
  8. There will not be more than 50 students in a Section. A minimum area of 12 Sq.Ft. per student should be provided in the classroom.
  9. The Affiliated Organization shall be responsible to provide Premises for conducting the HBIO Examinations at least equal to the number of students they have admitted.
  10. The president shall be a duly qualified whole-time employee having the qualifications & experience prescribed by the HBIO.
  11. Change of President /technical director or any change in the teaching faculty with reasoning and justification should be made under intimation to the HBIO within 15 days, failing which an appropriate action will be taken by the HBIO .
  12. There should be adequate number of whole time qualified teachers as prescribed by the HBIO . Part time teachers should also be qualified as prescribed by the HBIO . The committee will judge the ratio of whole time and part time teachers.
  13. The Organization shall establish a equipment capable of providing prescribed equipment to at least 10 percent of the students on the rolls.
  14. Classes shall be held six days a week and academic year shall be equivalent to the academic session of the HBIO .
  15. The Organization shall have Morning classes or Organization will be allowed to have Evening classes .
  16. The total number of students in Evening classes shall not exceed the number of students admitted in the Morning classes.
  17. An authenticated Attendance Record of all students should be displayed on notice board in the first week of every succeeding month in accumulative form.
  18. The Organization should maintain record regarding student's admission, attendance, exam date ,fee concession etc.
  19. All the salaries should be paid through cheques. The salaries exceeding Rs. 5,000/- should be paid through crossed cheques.
  20. Organization record shall not be removed from the Organization premises and shall remain available for inspection at all times by the Affiliation Committee.
  21. Affiliation shall initially be for one club or state. It may be extendable for further , depending on the performance as ascertained through visitation. The Organization management must have to apply for grant of extension in affiliation on the prescribed form up to 31 march of the relevant year.
  22. No affiliation shall be granted with retrospective effect.
  23. The HBIO shall have the discretion to grant/refuse/suspend/cancel affiliation in any subject. However the affected party shall have one right of appeal to the HBIO authority according to the rules.
  24. The Affiliation Committee, HBIO shall have the power to arrange for visitation at a time of its own choice and may pay surprise visits.
  25. Any Affiliated Organization may advertise in the print or other Media .However, any deliberate misrepresentation shall be treated as sufficient basis for withdrawal of affiliation.
  26. The Organization shall follow all instructions/regulations issued By the HBIO from time to time.
  27. Any violation of the rules or deliberate misrepresentation of facts shall be treated as sufficient basis for withdrawal of affiliation or to impose any penalty.
Application for grant of affiliation/extension in affiliation/addition in affiliation or increase in intake on the prescribed form duly filled in shall be received up to 31st march of every year. Incomplete applications or application submitted after the due date shall not be entertained.

  • The management should deposit an amount of Rs. 50,000/- as security in the HBIO Account.
  • The President /technical director shall be at least having Master degree from recognized HBIO or recognized organization with at least five years experience.
  • At least two whole time teachers having qualifications prescribed by the HBIO , applied for affiliation should be appointed.
  • All recommended equipment of each body part should be available in training central .

Day of classes
Classes shall be held six days a week and the academic year shall not be less than that of the HBIO .
Timing of Classes
The Organization shall have morning classes or Organization s will be allowed to have evening classes only. There shall not be any afternoon classes.
Each organization is responsible for providing HBIO certificates and id card , and grading to the student , there is a charge of $ 5 per student per grading . This will cover the issuance of certificates and grading books, and administration costs for updating the grade register.
Submit a list of all Black Belts to HBIO. Further, Each Black belt registration/renewal fees must be paid and up to date. More importantly, Dan grading requirements are non negotiable and must follow the curriculum set by HBIO
Attendance Record
An authenticated attendance record of all students shall be displayed on the notice board in the first week of every succeeding month in accumulative form and a copy of the same shall be send to the HBIO by 15th of every month.
Organization Record
Organization records shall not be removed from the Organization premises and shall remain available for inspection at all reasonable times by the HBIO .
Period of Affiliation
The affiliation shall initially be for a period of one years.
De-Affiliation and Forfeiture of Security
The HBIO on receipt of an adverse report from the Inspection Committee may de-affiliate the Organization or impose five not exceeding one hundred thousand after due notices and opportunity of hearing. The HBIO may also forfeit the security or any part thereof in case of serious contravention of the rules.
The Organization complying with the regulations of affiliation or such other regulations as may from time to time be prescribed, the affiliation shall be extendable for further successive period of one years.
Number of Lectures
The Organization shall ensure that each class receives at least as many lectures per week as are prescribed by the HBIO . In the absence of such regulation of the HBIO each class shall receive at least 4 regulars lectures per week including one tutorial session.
Every Organization shall maintain a Bank Account with a schedule/national Bank and its account shall be verified every year.
* As per HBIO policy

  1. Application for grant of affiliation on the prescribed form duly filled in shall be received up to 31st MARCH of every year. Incomplete applications or application submitted after the due date shall not be entertained.
  2. HBIO considers the cases of affiliation only for those disciplines, which are approved by the HBIO .
  3. Admission to the teaching program applied for affiliation must not be made until and unless the Organization /Institution is granted affiliation/addition in affiliation by the HBIO .
  4. The information provided must be accurate in all respects. In case of any default/misstatement, the administration of the Organization /Institution shall be held responsible/accountable for legal consequences.
  5. On completion of the documents, the case will be submitted to the HBIO ,who may refer it to the Affiliation Committee for visit of the Organization .
  6. The Organization will be asked to submit visit fee and security. After deposit of the dues visit of the Organization will be scheduled.
  7. After visit, the Affiliation Committee will submit its recommendations for the consideration of the HBIO.
  8. After approval of the recommendations, the office orders shall be issued by the Registrar's office accordingly.
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